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              Sun Agro Biosystem Private Ltd was established in 2001.  This company is an off shoot of Sun Agro Industries India, which was established in 1993 by a group of Agri - Technocrats.  Thus the company has two decades of standing. This is a professionally managed biotechnology institute organization.  Quality agri-inputs for the farming community, specially in Plant Protection and Plant Nutrients.  All essential infrastructure for production and quality assurance are available.  The management is handled by qualified and experienced person is the field.

             The main Objective of the company is to provide.  The company is also providing freely and willingly consultation to farmers in pest and disease management with organic inputs.

Established by scientists experienced in various fields of agricultural sciences.

            Main objective is to serve the farming community with quality biocontrol agents for management of pests and diseases, besides biofertilizers and other organic products.

Most of our products are certified organic by AOCA.
            Capacity to provide consultancy and training in different aspects of agriculture and horticulture, including Integrated Pest Management and Organic Agriculture.

 Experience in technology transfer: Lab to Land Programme and Organic Farming.




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